Children start in playgroup tots in the term before they would be due to start playgroup. They will then automatically be offered a place at the playgroup the term of their third birthday.  We operate on a minimum staff ratio of 1:4 for Tots sessions and will have a maximum of 12 children.

Every child is assigned a key person will record the children’s play and learning and put this information in the individual record books. These books are available to parents at anytime.

What do children learn at Playgroup?

At Queens Road Playgroup we work inline with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. (EYFS) The EYFS framework states that every child has the right to the best possible start in life and has been put in place to help young children achieve.

In playgroup children make lots of new friends and learn new skills through their play. Our aim is to extend this learning process by providing many pleasurable challenging play activities that will extend your child’s overall development.

We plan for the indoor and outdoor environment, providing children with the opportunities to explore and progress in each of the seven areas of learning and development.

We have a two year rolling program, which is based on a ½ termly topic and then broken down into weekly themes with in this. Equipment related to these themes and topics is available for the children to explore during free play in the session, as well as songs, stories and craft activities.

Admission policy

Depending on spaces available, a child will be offered a playgroup tots place in the term before they are due to start at playgroup (2yrs 4mths).

If we have a waiting list, children will be offered a place in the order in which they appear in the waiting list book.

We look forward to your child joining us at playgroup tots, where they will enjoy learning through their play.