Lunch Club

Lunch club is available to Playgroup children Monday to Friday (subject to numbers) from 11:45am until 12:45pm. It is a good way to prepare children for a lunchtime routine for when they start school. Eating a meal together is also an enjoyable learning experience.   

For some children, lunch club will be the first time that they sit with other children to eat a meal. It can be daunting for a child at first but we hope that they will enjoy themselves. However, we have put together this information sheet to help you and your child prepare for lunch club. 

Children who have been to a morning session and are staying for lunch will go to the toilet and wash their hands before sitting down at a table of their choice with their peers. Their lunch bags and drinks are handed out to them and a member of staff will supervise each table. 


11:55am – 12:20pm –  The children eat their lunch with their friends and a member of staff. 

12:29pm – 12:35pm –  The children sing the song of the week on the carpet followed by a planned activity, e.g. construction, messy play, role play, etc. 

 12:35pm – 12:45pm –  Storytime and coats. Once the story is finished, children collect their coats and shoes. Children are collected from the carpet by their parent/carer. 


What do I pack in their lunch bag? 

As a parent/carer, you know your child better than anyone but for some children, lunch club is their first experience of sitting with their peers to eat lunch so here are some tips and ideas for what to pack in their lunch bags:  

  • A small sandwich. Try not to overwhelm your child with lots of sandwiches or big sandwiches. If your child doesn’t like bread, try wraps, pitta or maybe pasta or couscous.  
  • Fruit. Try fruit that your child can manage like a small banana, apple, satsuma or grapes (which should be cut lengthwise in half or quarters to avoid choking, see link for further details) 
  •  Vegetables. Cherry tomatoes, carrot, cucumber or pepper batons. 
  •  A small yogurt 
  •  Little sausages, mini scotch eggs, cheese, cheese dunkers 
  •  Juice, smoothie or water 

 These are just a selection of ideas and you know your child best. However, they are only little people so try not to pack too much  

The children are encouraged to eat their sandwiches or carbohydrates first, followed by their fruit and vegetables. We recommend you provide healthy choices and the following website has ideas and guidance you may find useful: 


What should I avoid packing? 

  •  No nuts (this includes peanut butter and other food containing nuts) 
  •  No sweets or chocolate bars (however, chocolate coated items such as a Penguin biscuit would be appropriate) 
  •  No fizzy drinks or glass bottles 

 As with all items your child brings in to Playgroup, your child’s lunchbox/drink bottle should be labelled with their first name and surname as we often have children that share the same first name.  Easy to open containers and packaging will also benefit both the staff who will have several children to assist, and your child in preparation for moving on to school lunch times. 


We hope your child will enjoy lunch club at Playgroup. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to Judy.